Draw Bar Revision

Draw bar: The state of the tool holding systems in the spindle units directly affects the machining quality. Non-functioning tool holding systems are at risk for safety. The tool holding system of the spindle unit (which may vary according to the brand and the model) must hold the tool with a certain force. The holding force is expressed in Kilonewton.

The draw bar unit allows this force to be generated in machining centers. Draw bar holds the tool in the spindle unit with pull stud on the holder. Draw bar unit consists of specially manufactured springs, milden and pens as seen in the picture. These equipment may deform over time. External causes (water rusting and corrosion) can accelerate this wear.

After deformation, the system collapses and the spindle holding force drops. As a result, machining accuracy is reduced and safety is a concern.
Our company controls the drawing bar units of the machines with special measuring tools. Deformations are detected. If the determined values are below the machine standards, drawbar revision is done. Draw bar is removed and brought to our repair center.

Firstly drawbar is separated by cnc technical service team in our repair center. The drawbar unit, which has been revised and inspected, is mounted on the machine.

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