Machine Laser Calibration and Ballbar Test

The determination of the geometric accuracy of a machine tool is an important element that contributes to the reduction of rejects and machine downtime and consequently leads to lower production costs.

QC10 systems are used by machine tool manufacturers, machine tool users, maintenance and repair companies, and distributors to plan maintenance intervals, machine trials, machine comparisons, and post-collision machine checks. Nanotech’s QC10 system verification is indeed so simple and effective that many users require a circularity test before production starts on a new batch.

Timely fault detection using the circularity test provides optimal efficiency in the planning of maintenance and repairs. In addition to locating errors, the circularity test also enables process optimization. The QC10 system is available as an element of quality enhancement.

Tracking the QC20-W The current global economic climate and increasingly open markets mean that the demand for a reduction in production costs is more urgent than ever. Minimizing scrap and rework is a top priority at all production sites. Repairs and maintenance work are only carried out if necessary, thus reducing costs and production downtime due to downtimes. Nanotech’s ballbar software automatically creates a diagnosis using the captured data so you can make the right decisions.

With regular ballbar tests:

*precision parts are received from the CNC in the first process
*machine bed length, scrap quantity and maintenance costs are reduced
*conformity between bench performance and quality management standards is proven
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