Spindle Conical Grinding

One of the worst scenarios: Grinding of the tool holder cone directly on your machine!

The taper of your milling spindle is damaged or worn. No more accurate holes, poor surfaces, chatter marks, high cutting wear and an overall greatly reduced performance are the consequences. A spindle removal to repair the damage would mean a significant loss of production.

Thanks to a specially designed high-performance precision grinding machine, we are able to grind almost all tool taper directly on the machining center. This guarantees high concentricity without costly removal of the tool spindle

The advantages of this procedure are obvious:

Removal of the main spindle is eliminated.

Grinding of the tool holder cone of the damaged spindle on an internal cylindrical grinding machine or purchase of a usually very expensive new spindle is eliminated.

Installation of the repaired spindle with new bearings is eliminated.

Minimal downtime of your production machine through the use of our highly skilled personnel and our high performance precision grinding machine.

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